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DocuMate 3640

Valmistajan koodi: 003R92152
EAN: 4711860804603

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Nimi: DocuMate 3640

Valmistajan koodi: 003R92152
EAN: 4711860804603

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Xerox DocuMate 3640

The DocuMate 3640 is a departmental duplex
flatbed scanner with a 80 page Automatic
Document Feeder (ADF) that scans up to 80
images per minute (ipm) in duplex mode. The
A4/legal flatbed is the only departmental scanner
that can be programmed to automatically scan
to 99 customisable applications or devices.
Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection insures
that no pages are missed due to a misfeed or
stapled document in the ADF tray. Documents
can be converted to text-searchable PDF in
one easy step.

The Xerox DocuMate 3640 is the perfect
solution for company wide scanning solutions
and enables businesses to achieve high levels
of productivity by distributing fast, costeffective
departmental scanners throughout
the organisation.

Work Smarter

The DocuMate 3640’s powerful software, robust
functionality and hardware specifications deliver
the speed and quality for departmental
scanning. The DocuMate 3640 offers file
format flexibility including text-searchable PDF.

The included Kofax VRS™ software provides
capabilities such as auto crop and auto
exposure and wide angle de-skew. VRS also
helps improve the accuracy of recognition
software, thereby reducing the need for
manual correction of intelligent character
recognition and OCR results.

Vertical Market Solutions

Regulatory compliance requirements have
dramatically increased the need for companies
to implement secure and reliable records for
management and document capture solutions.
Departmental scanners are ideal for document
management in small to mid volume applications
and may also be used to complement higher
volumes products in distributed scanner settings.

Document capture solutions have become
essential to meet the everyday document
imaging needs of businesses in the finance,
insurance, healthcare, transportation and
education markets. Likewise, many law offices,
courts, clients and administrators handle and
manage substantial quantities of paper.
Documents are the substance of communication,
reference, negotiation and execution of contracts,
laws and evidence. Fast reliable and cost
effective document imaging solutions like the
DocuMate 3640 provide almost immediate
return on investment when implemented in
legal offices.

The Xerox DocuMate 3640 is the perfect scanning
solution for the whole department or even just
the person who supports the whole department.

Visioneer OneTouch

Visioneer OneTouch is an easy to use utility
that connects the DocuMate scanner with a
powerful set of scanner settings to greatly
improve the efficiency of your workflow – so
that with one touch, the document is scanned
automatically to email, Word, your printer,
or simply a file folder.

In addition to scanning directly to all popular
destinations, Visioneer OneTouch also links
the DocuMate 3640 with industry-leading
document management software, such as
Microsoft SharePoint, DocuWare and Xerox
DocuShare™ – forming an easy to use workflow
from paper to a selected destination. A Software
Development Kit (SDK) is also available which
provides the ability to develop specific links and
integrate them into the Visioneer OneTouch
control panel quickly and easily.

Kofax VRS technology

Visioneer OneTouch with Kofax VRS is an
integrated software solution that combines
the ease of Visioneer OneTouch scanning, with
the superior image quality achieved with Kofax
VRS. Kofax VRS is an award winning patented
technology that automatically ensures the
best possible image quality and OCR accuracy
for scanned document images. As pages
pass through the scanner, VRS performs a
multipoint inspection of each document,
instantly checking and adjusting alignment
(skew), brightness, contrast and image clarity.

Kofax VRS Pro Upgrade

An upgrade from Kofax VRS Basic to Kofax VRS
Professional is available which provides additional
features such as, advanced clarity, auto colour
detect, auto rotation, blank page detection,
bleed through detection and lots more.

Text Searchable PDF

Transform volumes of paper or photos into
organised digital files that can be quickly found,
used and shared. In searchable PDF format,
the user can instantly search documents for
keywords or phrases. This provides additional
archival benefits beyond traditional storage,
and the widely accepted PDF format lets everyone
view and print documents – on any computer.

Nuance OmniPage Pro

Provides a precise OCR and layout retention
solution, quickly turning scanned documents
into editable, formatted text. The text can
then be used in virtually any word processing,
desktop publishing or web publishing programme.

Olemme maailman johtava yritys liiketoiminnan prosessien ja asiakirjanhallinnan alueella. Luomme asiakirjateknologiaa ja -palveluja, joiden avulla yritykset voivat toimia tehokkaammin kaikissa olosuhteissa. Kun Xerox on mukana yrityksenne toiminnassa, voitte keskittyä todelliseen liiketoimintaan.

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