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Corsair Obsidian 900D Fulltower, No PSU

Valmistajan koodi: CC-9011022-WW
EAN: 843591033244
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Nimi: Corsair Obsidian 900D Fulltower, No PSU

Valmistajan koodi: CC-9011022-WW
EAN: 843591033244

Tyyppi: Full tower -kotelot

Includes three 120mm AF120L and one 140mm AF140L exhaust fan
Brushed aluminum front fascia with full cast aluminum surround structure front and rear
Five radiator mounting points: 4 5.25 inch bays
Up to fifteen total fan mount locations
Nine tool free 3.5" and screw-in 2.5" combo hard drive bays for maximum storage, upgradable to fifteen total (requires purchasing two additional cages)

What Will You Do With All This Room?

Obsidian Series 900D is for serious builders with big projects.

Do you want to design your ultimate dream PC? Add state-of-the-art liquid cooling or air cooling? Build a quadruple GPU, dual CPU graphics powerhouse? Or, just create a monster file server?

If these are the questions you´re asking yourself, you need a 900D.

Serious Expansion Flexibility for Serious Builders

We don´t need to tell you that there´s no such thing as too much room. We´ll just let the numbers speak for themselves:

Ten expansion slots
Fits up to nine hard drives or SSDs, with three hot-swap mounts
Four 5.25” optical drive bays
Room for dual power supplies
And if nine hard drives or SSDs aren´t enough, you can expand to 15 drives by adding additional drive cages, available separately.

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Incredible Cooling Performance and Potential

A cooling-optimized case design requires three things: good passive ventilation, flexible fan mounting options for good airflow, and the room to add sophisticated active cooling systems.

Obsidian Series 900D starts with a clear airflow path from the intake fans to the case interior, with no drives in the way. But that´s just the beginning:

Includes three 120mm front intake fans and one 140mm rear exhaust fan
15 total fan mount locations
Five radiator mounting points
Clear airflow path from the intake fans to the case interior, with no drives in the way
Four removable dust filters

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Easy to Build With — Easy to Live With

System builds should be straightforward and easy, without your PC case getting in the way. And, reconfigurations and upgrades should be just as simple. An enjoyable build process with great-looking results is a huge part of the pride of ownership that comes with building high-performance PCs.

The 900D can help make it all happen with tool-free side-panel access, hard drive installation, and optical drive installation. Inside, you´ll find a CPU backplate cutout and rubber grommets on the cable routing holes. There´s generous cable routing space behind the motherboard tray, and snap-down cable latches help you create clean, easy-to-modify cabling that doesn´t rely on dozens of zip ties.

You also get modular hard drive cages, and the dust filters and fan covers are easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.

Understated Overkill

Let the beginners use cases that look like they´re going to turn into a giant robot. Obsidian Series 900D is built on a steel and cast aluminum frame, with solid steel panels and a fully painted interior. The brushed aluminum fascia resists scratches and fingerprints, and it´s just plain fun to put your hands on it.

Corsair valmistaa tietokoneiden oheislaitteita. Yhtiön pääkonttori sijaitsee Fremontissa, Californiassa. Corsair suunnittelee ja myy erilaisia tuotteita tietokoneille, kuten nopeita DRAM-moduleja, ATX-virtalähteitä, USB-muistitikkuja, prosessorien ja muistien jäähdytysratkaisuja, koteloita ja SSD-kiintolevyjä.

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