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AverMedia Live Gamer Portable

Valmistajan koodi: AVE#C875
EAN: 4710710676698
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Tuotekoodi: 152530
Nimi: AverMedia Live Gamer Portable

Valmistajan koodi: AVE#C875
EAN: 4710710676698

Tyyppi: Videosieppaajat
With the advanced H.264 hardware encoding technology Live Gamer Portable takes care of the HD video processing and avoids CPU overload. The hardware encoder also guarantees stable frame rates when you game record or even stream. The Live Gamer Portable certainly brings smooth gaming and viewing experiences without frame dropping or choppy games. Live Gamer Portable requires low CPU usage which lets your PC focus on the game without being distracted by videoprocessing tasks. The MP4/H.264 format generates smaller files even for 1080p footages and is super easy to work with mainstream postediting software. It no longer takes a long time to upload or transcode the footage you want to share. The Live Gamer Portable provides the option of "PCFree Mode" allowing you to record the gameplay without a PC. Just flip the switch insert a SD card and you are ready to go! Under PCFree Mode Live Gamer Portable can be powered by your game platform via USB with no additional power outlet needed. Live Gamer Portable sets you free from any possible hindrances when you game on the go! XSplit Supported For those looking for advanced streaming functionalities Live Gamer Portable is fully compatible with XSplit Broadcaster! XSplit Broadcaster lets you add different types of media to the stream such like webcam graphics and other video inputs. You can even customize scenes to meet different streaming purposes.

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