Watercool Radiator MO-RA3 360 LT - black

Watercool Radiator MO-RA3 360 LT - black

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  • Valmistajan koodi : WAT#25000
  • EAN : 4251312601614

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  • Valmistajan koodi : WAT#25000
  • EAN : 4251312601614
  • Tuotteen nimi : Watercool Radiator MO-RA3 360 LT - black

The MO-RA3 is a radiator with outstanding cooling performance and versatile applications. It is so reliable that it can safely be used in continuous operation for workstations or servers. So robust that it is also used in the industrial sector. And so powerful that it can cool even the hottest gaming PC. True to the motto "There is no substitute for surface, except through even more surface", in the MO-RA3 360 over 28 meters of copper pipe and 2.5 square meters ensure excellent heat transfer from the cooling medium to the ambient air.

The cooling medium flows four times in parallel through 72 rows of tubes. Despite very large surface area this allows a low flow resistance. The slats of the MO-RA3 are specially optimized for the use of slow rotating fans. The gigantic surface of the radiator and the efficient geometry guarantee extremely good cooling performance. Extremely versatile is also the new, flow-optimized connection block. It offers three G1 / 4 inch connection threads for flexible positioning of the connections. 

Possible fan configurations: 

MO-RA3 360 LT
9 pieces 120 x 120 x 25 mm fan (brackets factory-mounted) 
4 x 180 x 180 x 25 mm fans (brackets included) 

MO-RA3 360 Pro
18 pieces 120 x 120 x 25 mm fans (brackets factory-mounted) 
8 x 180 x 180 x 25 mm fans (brackets included) 

Optional mounting kits are available for larger fans. 

With the MO-RA3 LT only one side can be completely equipped with fans. The site is however freely selectable. With a few simple steps, the factory mounted brackets can be mounted on the opposite side. or exchanged with the supplied brackets for 180 mm fans. 

With the MO-RA3 Pro, both sides can be equipped with fans at the same time. Thus, twice as many fans can be installed as with the MO-RA3 LT. The two-sided mounting also enables effective push-pull operation of the fans.

In both versions, the factory mounted brackets for 120mm fans can be replaced with included brackets for 180mm fans. 

In addition, additional threads are integrated in the housing. Optionally available accessories can be mounted on these. These include various fan bezels for cladding, feet and external brackets. 

Except for fans and connections, all necessary components for operation are already included. There are, among other things, locking screws for closing unused connection threads, fan screws and spacers for housing mounting. 

The MO-RA3 is produced in Europe. Much of the components are manufactured in Germany, development and assembly also takes place in Germany.

Technical data:
Material internal: Tubes copper, lamellas Aluminum 
Material housing: coated steel sheet, polished stainless steel 
Dimensions outside (L x W x H): 415.5 x 383 x 65mm 
Weight: about 6500g 
Pressure tested: 5 bar 
Surface: black powder coated 
connection : 6x thread G 1/4 inch 

Extent of delivery:
1x MO-RA3 360 LT 
4x locking screw G1 / 4 inch 
4x spacers M4x20mm 
1x mounts for 120 mm fans (mounted) 
1x mounts for 180 mm fans 
1x fan screws for fans with 25 mm 
mounting height 1x installation instructions

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