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Aerocool Syclone II - Black

Valmistajan koodi: EN52063
EAN: 4713105952063
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Tuotekoodi: 161915
Nimi: Aerocool Syclone II - Black

Valmistajan koodi: EN52063
EAN: 4713105952063

Tyyppi: ATX kotelot (midi)
High Performance "MidTower" for gamers and enthusiasts. Solidly constructed chassis The chassis is solidly constructed by 0.6mm SECC Japanese steel Unique and Attractive Internal Color Combination Not only the chassis is beautifully finished in All Black both interior and exterior the PCI covers MB Plate Removable HDD cage and screwless kits are highlighted in Blue Syclone II Black or Red Syclone II Red colors to make the case UNIQUE and stands out from the others. HighEnd Graphic Card Support up to 400mm Supports Longer highend VGA cards up to 280mm. The Middle HDD Cage is removable Once the middle HDD cage is removed the chassis can support VGA cards up to 400mm. High Expandability Supports 4 x 5.25" external devices 6 x 3.5" HDDs or 3 x 3.5" & 3 x 2.5" HDDs and 1 x 3.5" external device with the converter such as a Floppy drive or a Card Reader. Ease of Installation New "EasyInstall" screwless kits are included for the 5.25" devices and HDDs. The HDD cage is also rotated 90 degrees for easy installation of HDDs. Easy Access Top I/O Ports 2 x USB3.0 Audio/Mic AC 97 + HD audio and ESATA ports are located on the top panel for easy access. Smart Cable Management "Cable routing is predrilled on the MB so users can hide cables behind the MB tray. The predrilledholes are also protected by top quality rubber to prevent cuts or damages to the cable from sharp edges". Dust Protection Includes removable bottom PSU dust filters to prevent dust entering your computer. Mesh PCI cover Includes Blue Syclone II Black or Red Metal Mesh PCI covers Syclone II Red for better ventilation. Bottom PSU position the bottom PSU location enables PSUs to suck in cold air and provide better air flow for your system. Watercooling Support watercooling holes are predrilled to support watercooling systems. Easy Cooler Assembly CPU hole is predrilled on the MB plate for simple cooler assembly and removable. Transparent Side Window with the option to install 1 x 12cm or 14cm fans !!

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