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Silverstone SST-PS07W Precision Midi-Tower - White

Valmistajan koodi: SST-PS07W USB 3.0
EAN: 4710713968363

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Tuotekoodi: 162823
Nimi: Silverstone SST-PS07W Precision Midi-Tower - White

Valmistajan koodi: SST-PS07W USB 3.0
EAN: 4710713968363

Tyyppi: MATX kotelot

As the first chassis in the Precision series designed for Micro ATX motherboards, the PS07 has a great balance between size and functionality. It utilizes SilverStone’s vaulted positive pressure design with easily removable filters on both the fans and the power supply to prevent dust buildup. Two front mounted 120mm fans can provide capable cooling for a complete build fully loaded with drives and components. To keep the noise profile low, an independent compartment with isolated intake vent for the power supply was implemented to keep PSU operating at optimal temperature. User-friendly touches such as removable motherboard tray and top lid make installation in such small chassis a breeze. But an all new backside cable routing design further increases PS07’s ergonomics with room for long power supply cables; thus eliminates the need for short cable kits such as SilverStone’s PP05 and allow users to use any power supplies they wish. For those interested in storage flexibility, PS07’s ability to accommodate one 2.5” and six 3.5” hard drives are greatly appreciated as well. Using an elegant front panel combined with aluminum accent makes PS07 at home in any environment with a clean, hidden side intake helping to minimize and direct noise away from users. If there is a need for a relatively small, understated, quiet, and advanced PC, the PS07 is a perfect choice.

Dual 120mm silent fan
Removable motherboard tray and top panel
Quick access filters to prevent dust buildup
Convenient wire and cable routing pathways
Adjustable holder for large CPU coolers and extra-long card support rack
Motherboard back plate opening for quick CPU cooler assembly
Independent airflow channel for power supply
Accommodate up to six 3.5 inch hard drives

Model No.
SST-PS07B (Black)
SST-PS07W (White)
SST-PS07B-W (Black + Window)
High-strength plastic front panel & aluminum accent, steel body
Micro-ATX, DTX, Mini-ITX
Drive Bay
External 5.25" x 2
3.5" x 1 (transfer bracket for hard drive installation)
Internal 3.5" x 5 , 2.5” x1
Cooling System
Front 2 x 120mm fan, 950rpm, 18dBA (PS07B only)
2 x 120mm fan, 1200rpm, 18dBA (PS07W only)
Rear 1 x 120mm fan slot
Side --
Top --
Bottom --
Internal --
Expansion Slot
Front I/O Port
USB 3.0 x 2
Audio x 1
MIC x 1
Power Supply
Standard PS2(ATX) Optional, max length180mm*
Operating system support
Expansion Card
Compatible up to 13.5 inches in length, width restriction-6.69"
Limitation of CPU cooler
Limitation of PSU
Net Weight
5.2 kg
210mm(W)x374mm(H)x400mm(D), 31.4 liters
Support VESA Mount

*1 Power supply and optical drive’s combined allowable total length is 399mm including connectors, which may take up additional 20mm. We suggest maximum length for PSU is 180mm (ST1200-G).

Silverstone on vuonna 2003 perustettu tietokonekomponentteja valmistava yritys. Yritys valmistaa PC-koteloita ja virtalähteitä.

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