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Valmistajan koodi: PSPX8ULMLMBEU
EAN: 0735163146950
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Valmistajan koodi: PSPX8ULMLMBEU
EAN: 0735163146950

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PaintShop Pro X8 Ultimate, Mini-Box, ML, Win

The ultimate photo editor

Get everything you need to take your photos to bold new levels with our best-ever collection of premium photo software. Start with the versatile image editing and compositing of PaintShop Pro X8, then transform your photos with the hundreds of presets and customizable filters in ON1 Perfect Effects 9.5. Process and manage RAW and JPEG photos faster than ever with Corel® AfterShot™ 2. Restore color and detail in one click with the now faster Perfectly Clear 2 SE. It's everything you need, for everything you want to do with your photos—Corel PaintShop Pro X8 Ultimate.

Exclusive Ultimate Bonus Pack

Custom creative effects

They're your photos. Get your look. ON1 Perfect Effects 9.5 empowers you to make photos with impact with an extensive library of customizable photo filters and built-in presets. Experiment and easily stack filters for a one-of-a-kind effect.    Faster photo processing

Make everything after the shoot faster, with AfterShot 2. Manage large photo collections. Quickly enhance RAW files to reveal the true detail, color and beauty of your photos. Experiment freely and always protect your originals with the non-destructive editing.

One-click photo corrections

Automatically restore detail and colors lost by your camera's sensor with the new Perfectly Clear 2 SE by Athentech Imaging. Save time with the intelligent, automatic corrections. Fix exposure and contrast, remove noise and much more with 15 patented corrections.


Software type:
License type:
System requirements
Minimum RAM:
1024 MB
Minimum processor speed:
1500 MHz
Recommended RAM:
4096 MB
Recommended hard disk space:
2 GB
Windows operating systems supported:
Language version:
Other features
Image formats supported:

Corel on graafisia ohjelmistopaketteja valmistava yritys. Corelin tunnetuimmat tuotteet ovat CorelDRAW ja Paint Shop Pro.

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