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Cryorig H7 Ultra, prosessorijäähdytin


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  • Tuotteen nimi : Cryorig H7 Ultra, prosessorijäähdytin

H7 Ultra CPU Heatsink with Black 120mm Fan

The rather young company Cryorig has quickly become known for its efficient and above all innovative products in the field of CPU cooling. The team of experienced radiator and OC experts uses high-quality materials and novel combinations of individual components to get the most out of air coolers. At the same time, Cryorig attaches great importance to making the installation of its CPU coolers as easy as possible. The coolers from Cryorig, like this CPU tower cooler H7 Ultra , look even more dazzling.

- Copper and aluminum CPU tower cooler for best cooling performance
- Suitable for installation with oversized RAM modules
- Specially arranged honeycomb cooling fins ensure optimal removal of the residual heat
- Suitable for processors with up to 160 watts TDP
- Height: 145 mm
- Uncomplicated installation

Optimized output airflow provides more efficient cooling
With the H7 Ultra CPU cooler , Cryorig relies on four 6 mm thick heat pipes that connect the nickel plated copper base plate to the heat sink tower. A special feature are the honeycomb-shaped cooling fins , which narrow towards the exit. The honeycomb shape prevents air turbulence and at the same time ensures that the air flows evenly through the fins. The design also ensures an optimized output air flow, which Cryorig calls the Jet Fin Acceleration System . Thus, the heated air can be derived faster from the tower cooler.

With the asymmetric and inclined arrangement of the heat pipes, the heat sink is offset so that it does not protrude above the RAM modules. So memory modules with particularly high heatsinks can be installed. For attachment to the backplate, the Cryorig H7 Ultra has an X-bar, cross-shaped attachment that is compatible with most AMD and Intel sockets.

Vibration-free mounted fan
As an effective anti-vibration measure, four rubber dampers are embedded in the corners of the 120mm fan . Thus, the vibration transmission of the rotor is damped on the slats. It has an exceptionally quiet bearing, so that the noise level of the entire cooler is at a low 25 dB (A) . In addition, four additional ventilation slots of the CPU tower cooler Cryorig H7 for processors up to be attached to the housing of QF120 Black balance.

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Technical details:
- Dimensions: 123 x 145 x 98 mm (W x H x D)
- Weight: Without fan: 577g, With fan: 711 g
- Material: nickel plated copper (bottom plate, heatpipes), aluminum (fins)
- Colour: silver, black
- Heatpipes: 4x 6 mm
- TDP: 160W
- Fan: 1x 120 mm QF120 Black Balance
- Colour: Black (housing), Black (fan blades)
- Connection: 4-pin PWM
- Speed: 300 to 1,600 rpm
- Volume: max. 25 dB (A)
- Delivery volume: max. 59 CFM
- Static pressure: max. 1.65 mm H2O

- Intel Socket 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 2011, 2011-v3, 2066
- AMD Socket FM1, FM2, FM2 +, AM2, AM2 +, AM3, AM3 +, AM4 (TR4 only with extra kit, see above)
- Maximum RAM height: unlimited
- Manufacturer's warranty: up to 6 years

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