mantona Chest Strap steady for GoPro

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  • EAN : 4250234502443

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  • Valmistajan koodi : MAN#20244
  • EAN : 4250234502443
  • Tuotteen nimi : mantona Chest Strap steady for GoPro

mantona chest strap for GoPro "steady"


Strong chest belt to fasten the GoPro to your body
Ideal for high mobility sports
Stability and reliable hold of the camera during filming
With angle piece for optimal alignment of the camera
With this chest belt you are well equipped for any type of high-mobility sports, like e.g. skiing. It is infinitely adjustable and therefore can be individually adapted to the body. The scope of delivery also includes the receiving plate, so that you only need to slide the GoPro into the indexing rail.


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Technical specification:

Weight (incl. angle piece): 230
Included in delivery:

1 x chest belt "steady", 1 x angle piece incl. screw and nut
Information to the picture: Delivery without Action Camcorder

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