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TP-LINK reititin, 2x10/100Mbps WAN ja 3x10/100Mbps LAN-porttia

Valmistajan koodi: TL-R470T+
EAN: 6935364040390
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Tuotekoodi: 58370
Nimi: TP-LINK reititin, 2x10/100Mbps WAN ja 3x10/100Mbps LAN-porttia

Valmistajan koodi: TL-R470T+
EAN: 6935364040390

Tyyppi: Verkkokytkimet

Reititin, jossa on WAN- ja LAN-portit sekä kolme porttia, joille voi valita WAN tai LAN.
Mahdollistaa neljä samanaikaista internetliitosta.
Sisäänrakennettu kuormituksen tasaus, joka valitsee eniten kaistanleveyttä antavan liitoksen.
Sisäänrakennettu palomuuri ja DHCP-palvelin.
Mitat (LxSxK): 209x126x26mm.

What This Product Does
The TL-R470T+ Load Balance Broadband Router possesses stronger data transmission capacity and stability, cost-efficient for networks in places such as Internet cafes and small offices.

Superior Performance and High Stability
The router features a network dedicated processor, clocked at 400MHz for powerful processing performance, an internal power supply to allow for long term operation stability, and professional lightning protection design keeps your investments as safe as possible.

Three Changeable LAN/WAN Ports
The TL-R470T+ features three changeable ports that can be set to either LAN or WAN, allowing the router to support up to four WAN ports to satisfy various Internet access requirements through one device.
The router also has an integrated smart load balancing function which automatically selects the most efficient line according to load and bandwidth requirements, providing users with consistent network uptime and reliable Ethernet connectivity.
By the factory default, TL-R470T+ is set to work in the dual WAN ports mode: port 1 and port 2 are working as WAN ports, while port 3~5 are LAN ports.

Management for a Fluid Networking Experience
Integrating multiple load balancing strategies, IP and port based bandwidth control, session limit, domain filtering, and IP/MAC address filtering, the TL-R470T+ provides users with a fluid network experience, without lag and connection drops.

Easy to Install and Use
With user-friendly web-based management, remote management and configuration backup & restore functions, the TL-R470T+ provides many comprehensive features that are easy to deploy and maintain, especially for businesses lacking professional IT staff.