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Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo II VGA Cooler Retail

Valmistajan koodi: DCACO-V540000-BL
EAN: 0872767004450

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Nimi: Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo II VGA Cooler Retail

Valmistajan koodi: DCACO-V540000-BL
EAN: 0872767004450

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Tehokas ja hiljainen näytönohjainjäähdytin.

The Accelero TWIN TURBO II is a dual-fan VGA cooler with enhanced multi-compatibility for present and future models. Designed to optimize performance and the overclocking capability of your system, the Accelero TWIN TURBO II is your ultimate cooler for mid-range to high-end graphic cards.


Nvidia GeForce:
GTX 980, 970, 960, 770, 760, 750 (Ti), 680, 670, 660 (Ti), 650 (Ti Boost, Ti), 580, 570, 560 (SE, Ti), 550 Ti, 480, 470, 465, 460(SE) , GTS 450, 250, 240 (OEM), 150 (OEM), GT 740, 640, 340, 330, 320, 130 (OEM), 9800 (GTX+, GTX, GT), 9600 (GT, GSO 512, GSO), 8800 (GTX, GTS 512, GTS , GT, GS), 7950 GT, 7900 (GTX, GT, GS), 7800 (GTX 512, GTX, GT), 6800 (Ultra Extreme, Ultra, GT, GS AGP, GS, AGP, XT AGP, XT, LE), 6600 (GT AGP, GT, LE, DDR2)(OEM)

AMD Radeon : 
R9 380(X), 370X, 285, 270 (X), R7 370, 360, 265, 260 (X), 250 (X), 240, HD 8870, 8760, 7870 (GHz), 7850, 7790, 7770 (GHz), 6970, 6950, 6870, 6850, 6790, 6770, 6750, 5870, 5850, 5830, 5770, 4890, 4870, 4850, 4830, 4770, 3870, 3850, 2600XT, X1950 (XTX, XT, Pro, GT), X1900 (XTX, XT, GT), X1800 (XT, XL, GTO), X1650 (XT, Pro), X1600 (XT, Pro), X1550, X1300 (XT, Pro)

*No over-clocking is recommended

Max. Cooling Capacity 250 Watts
Heatpipe Ø 6 mm x 5
Heatsink Material Aluminum fins x 35, thickness 0.4 mm
Fan (mm) 92 mm, 900 - 2,000 RPM (controlled by PWM) x 2 fans
Bearing Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Noise Level 0.5 Sone
Dimensions (Product) 217 (L) x 122 (W) x 53 (H) mm
Dimensions (Packaging) 220 (L) x 125 (W) x 56 (H) mm
Net Weight 479 g
Limited Warranty 6 years

Heatsink 26 pcs
Screw (M2) 4 pcs
Washer 4 pcs
Spacer (2.3 mm) 4 pcs
Spacer (4.0 mm) 4 pcs
Adhesive Tape 1 pc
G-1 Thermal Glue (2.0 g Grey Compound) 1 bag
G-1 Thermal Glue (2.0 g White Compound) 1 bag
Mixing Wand 1 pc
4-Pin Fan Power Adapter 1 pc
VGA Bracket 2 pcs

itemnumber DCACO-V540000-BL
UPC 0872767004450
Gross Weight 0.65 kg

Excellent Cooling Performance

Featuring two 92mm PWM fans with a maximum cooling capacity up to 250 Watts, the Accelero TWIN TURBO II manages to transfer heat efficiently away from the GPU. Besides the 35-fin heatsink with 5 copper heatpipes, the pre-applied MX-4 thermal compound accelerates the heat dissipation process to ensure the VGA board is running under optimal temperature.

Enhanced RAM and VR Cooling

In order to boost the cooling efficiency of RAM and VR, the Accelero TWIN TURBO II comes with the G-1, an electrically non-conductive thermal glue used to affix RAM and VR heatsinks on the VGA board. Unlike generic thermal tapes, the G-1 offers high thermal conductivity with excellent adhesiveness. Moreover, removing the G-1 is extremely easy without leaving any residues.

Virtually Silent

Thanks to the low noise impeller and patented fan holder, the Accelero TWIN TURBO II runs at the minimum noise level of 0.3 sone, even at full load. Equipped with a PWM controller, the fan always runs at the optimal speed according to the load generated by the GPU.


The Accelero TWIN TURBO II comes with a versatile mounting mechanism and an extensive RAM and VR cooling set to accommodate a broad range of models. Featuring the CrossFire and SLI compatibility the users benefit from the optimized performance of a multi-VGA setup.

* The compatibility list is based on AMD Radeon and NVIDIA´s reference board layout only. ARCTIC holds no responsibility for incompatibility on non reference boards. Please check the height restriction drawing before purchase.

Arctic cooling tarjoaa tehokkaita ja hiljaisia jäähdytysratkaisuja, joiden avulla mm. prosessorit, näytönohjaimet ja kotelot pysyvät viileinä.

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