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TP W520/i7-2640m 2x4GB 320GB 15" 3G W7P

Valmistajan koodi: NY455MS
EAN: 886843657911

2192,90 €

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Toimitusaika-arvio: Erä: 08.11.2016
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Tuotekoodi: 83598
Nimi: TP W520/i7-2640m 2x4GB 320GB 15" 3G W7P

Valmistajan koodi: NY455MS
EAN: 886843657911

Tyyppi: 15.6" kannettavat

Lenovo ThinkPad W520 4282 - Core i7 2640M / 2.8 GHz - Windows 7 Pro 64-bit - 8 Gt RAM - 320 Gt HDD - DVD-kirjoitin - 15.6" leveä 1920 x 1080 / Full HD - NVIDIA Quadro 1000M / Intel HD Graphics 3000 - 3G - erityinen musta

Features for power users
Performance like this should include the most advanced features — and it does. Powerful graphics require a display that lives up to what they have to show; feast your eyes on our 95-percent color gamut LED display in HD, HD+ or FHD. For the most accurate color workflow, opt for the industry´s first embedded X-Rite Color Calibrator. Transfer files 10x faster with USB 3.0, depend on the 34mm ExpressCard and MMC slot or optional Smart Card reader, avail yourself of the multiburner combo drive and enjoy our best-in-class, ergonomic keyboard and Ultranav™ with our TrackPoint and touchpad. And when you´re ready to talk about all the work you´ve done, you´ll get superior Web conferencing and VoIP, thanks to full-duplex voice transmission support, dual digital microphone modes with advanced noise-cancellation technology, optimized speakers and a light-adaptive, 720p, HD webcam.

ThinkPad reliability
Anything that works this hard is bound to go with you everywhere, so it needs to be tough. This brute has passed eight rugged miltary specifications tests and comes with legendary ThinkPad durability features, such as an internal roll cage, spill-resistant keyboard and Active Protection System™ to prevent data loss in the event of a drop. You can also rely on security measures such as Rescue and Recovery®, self-encrypting drives, Hardware Password Manager, fingerprint ID and BIOS port lock for peace of mind. Even the environment can rely on the W520, with eco-friendly features including reduced greenhouse gas emissions, lower electricity consumption and compliance with RoHS, ENERGY STAR and EPEAT® Gold standards.

Lenovo on suurin PC-valmistaja Kiinassa, ja vuodesta 2004 kolmanneksi suurin maailmalla. Pöytätietokoneiden ja kannettavien tietokoneiden lisäksi Lenovo myy muun muassa palvelimia, kämmentietokoneita, matkapuhelimien varusteita ja projektoreita.

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