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Roccat Taito 5mm Mid-size gaming mousepad

Valmistajan koodi: ROC-13-060
EAN: 4250288130609
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Tuotekoodi: 95128
Nimi: Roccat Taito 5mm Mid-size gaming mousepad

Valmistajan koodi: ROC-13-060
EAN: 4250288130609

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Turn up the heat with the Nano Matrix

ROCCAT? Taito ? Shiny Black Gaming MousepadTurn up the heat with the Nano MatrixThe ROCCAT? Taito Shiny Black Gaming Mousepad features a unique, heat-blasted Nano Matrix surface that delivers maximum gliding speed inall directions ? with optimal control ? so you can turn up the heat on your opponents every game. And the Taito?s shiny black surface not only looks elegant ? its slick surface also allows for perfect tracking with any mouse sensor.CONQUER MORE WITH NANO SPEED AND PRECISIONTextile mousepads with a standard woven structure only offer effective glidingin one direction. The Taito is different: its heat-treated Nano Matrix constructiondelivers lightning-quick gliding on both the X and Y axis ? without sacrificingany control. Plus, movement on the Y axis benefits from additional verticalstabilizing properties built into the Nano Matrix ? which means up and downmovement is always fast and rock steady. Up close the Nano advantage iseasy to see.GAME FOR HOURS IN COMFORTNow available in two thicknesses, the Taito reduces hand fatigue even during the longest gaming sessions. Gamers can choose between a width of 3mmor 5mm, allowing them to select a pad that best offsets the amount of handpressure used during play.LEVEL YOUR PLAYING FIELDThe two Taito thicknesses also let players choose a pad best suited to theirdesktop. Each Taito provides a form fit to the playing surface, compensatingfor any unevenness on a gamer?s desk ? which means uninterrupted glidingon every surface.CUSTOMIZE YOUR SIZEThe Taito now comes in three sizes ? Mini-, Mid-, and King ? so gamers can pick the pad that best fits their desktop ? as well as one best suited to the amountof movement used in their gaming style. Players who prefer a lower mousesensitivity ? i.e., a lower dpi ? will appreciate more room to move, whilehigh-sense gamers who use upper range dpi settings will enjoy the smaller,space-saving Taito versions. The smallest Taito, the Mini, measures265mm x 210mm, the Mid-Size model comes in at 400mm x 320mm,and the King-Size version offers a generous playing field of 455mm x 370mm.PLAY WORRY FREEThe Taito?s non-slip rubberized backing provides a steady grip during eventhe most hectic game. Even if you try moving it with your palm, the Taito won?tbudge. We?ve also ruggedized the Taito for extremely active play, giving it anexceptionally robust design built for a long gaming life.GAME WITH WHISPER-QUIET MOVEMENTThe heat-blasted Nano Matrix structure provides less friction, whichmeans mouse movements can barely be heard. Nearby LAN opponents won?thear you attacking.FIELD-TESTED BY EXPERTSROCCAT? beta tester professionals have put the Taito through the paces,testing it successfully on gaming mice with up to true 8000dpi.

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