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Phanteks PH-F140HP PWM Fan - White/Blue

Valmistajan koodi: PH-F140HP_BL
EAN: 886523000242
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Tuotekoodi: 169674
Nimi: Phanteks PH-F140HP PWM Fan - White/Blue

Valmistajan koodi: PH-F140HP_BL
EAN: 886523000242

Tyyppi: 14 cm tuulettimet

Designed specifically for CPU coolers PHF140HP fans with PWM functions is an excellent choice for users demanding for a better cooler fan upgrade. PHF140HP features 120mm mounting holes and an octagon frame this helps strengthen the frame structure while maintaining a slim profile creating more space for memory clearance compared to the conventional square 140mm fans. the fans are specifically deigned to overcome high static pressure blade deflection and noise challenges. PHF140HP is the right choice for CPU cooler fan upgrade. Features: The new redeveloped blades in PHF140HP are angled lower to achieve higher air pressure. The redesigned MVB blades generate better performance and better airflow. It improves the balance of airflow and air pressure when using with as a cooler fan or case fan. Upgrading CPU coolers fans will be a breeze by detaching the extension adapter users can install PHF140HP to CPU coolers without worry. The PHF140HP has a larger base size with a magnetic brushless DC motor to avoid the effects of resonance and for rotational stability. To create better structural strength and reduce the vibration occurrence Phanteks redesigned the back frame of the PHF140HP. With the noise reduction challenges in mind we modified the component for lower actuator noise PCBA for lower electromagnetic noise brushless motor structure for lower operating noise and frame rib for lower wind and vibration noise.

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