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Valmistajan koodi: BE #BN226
EAN: 4260052183717
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Valmistajan koodi: BE #BN226
EAN: 4260052183717

Tyyppi: SFX virtalähteet

SFX Power are compact power supply units which reliably supply mini PCs and mediasystems with power. With the latest use of technology SFX Power meets the demands of a premium product and of course with the customary be quiet! quality low noise levels.
SFX Power provides sufficient power without compromising quality, stability and security. In developing the SFX Power great value was placed on the efficient use of energy regarding a high level of energy efficiency of up to 86%.

Areas of application

Mini- and Mediasystems
Classic office and web applications

Quiet operation using mature fan technology

80mm quality fan
The RPMs on the fan are automatically governed based on the temperature

Power-conserving operation

80PLUS certification. The high efficiency of up to 86% reduces power dissipation (waste heat) and also saves power.
Fulfils the requirements of the environmental and energy-savings Energy Star 4.0 * guidelines
Low power consumption in stand-by mode (<1W).
Fulfils the EuP guidelines

High stability

Dual-rail operation with two independent 12V rails

High Compatibility

Various connection options, with up to 8 connectors
One PCIe connector for graphic cards (350W)

Top security and reliability

Top protection for components against over/under currents, short circuits and overloads.
German engineering and internationally tested safety, confirmed by recognised testing labs

Ideal for small- to mid-sized PC cases and systems

Optimal cable sets with up to 50cm long cables
All-in-one cable with the most common drive connectors


2 years manufacturer´s guarantee
Quick support via our international hotline

Continuous power (W)300
Peak power (W)-
Form factor ATX 12VSFX 12V Version 3.2
Form factor EPS 12V-
Modular cable management-
Special technology-
Voltage (Vac)100 - 240
Frequency (Hz)50- 60
Input current (A)4.5 - 2.5
Power factor at 100% load0.9
Compliant to Intel Haswell C6/C7-
Compliant to Intel C6 mode✓
Power consumption in standby (W)< 1
Average life time (h / 25°C)100.000
Operating temperature up to (°C)10 - 50

12 V Rails (Multi-Rail operation)2
12 V Single Rail operation-
Overclocking key-
+3.3V (A)20
+5V (A)22
+12V1 (A)14
+12V2 (A)16
+12V3 (A)-
+12V4 (A)-
+12V5 (A)-
+12V6 (A)-
-12V (A)0.5
+5Vsb (A)2.5
Max. combined power 12V (W)250
Max. combined power 3,3V + 5V (W)125
Hold-up time (ms)17

Be Quiet! valmistaa tehokkaita, luotettavia ja erittäin hiljaisia virtalähteitä ja koteloita. Lisäksi se valmistaa jäähdyttimiä ja tuulettimia.

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