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Vanguard Havana 21 olkalaukku

EAN: 4719856241920
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Tuotekoodi: 491242
Nimi: Vanguard Havana 21 olkalaukku

EAN: 4719856241920

Tyyppi: Kameraolkalaukut

Havana 21
The Havana 21 Shoulder bag will let you maneuver effortless through city streets or stroll down beach side walkways. With easy access to your camera, you\'ll be able to snap a photo at a moment\'s notice. This versatile pack will hold and protect your gear - or, you can take out the inner box and dividers to make it your everyday pack. Its timeless design is discreet, spacious, and comfortable, allowing you to embrace your leisure time without distraction.

Dual Purpose Benefit: Photo Bag or Daily Bag
Exterior Front Zippered and Back Pockets
Integrated Storage Pocket for 7\" tablet
Rain Cover for waterproof protection

Inside Dimensions(LxWxH mm):210×105×190
Outside Dimensions(LxWxH mm):270×145×210
Inside Dimensions(LxWxH inches):
8 1/4×4 1/8×7 1/2
Outside Dimensions(LxWxH inches):
10 5/8×5 3/4×8 1/4
Exterior Fabric:600D Polyester
Interior Fabric:
150D Polyester + Velvet
One DSLR or MILC with medium zoom lens attached, 1-2 extra lenses, a flash unit, accessories(memory cards, cables, battery, smart phone and charger), 7" tablet.

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