CableMod PRO ModMesh Cable Extension Kit - carbon

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  • Valmistajan koodi : CM-PCAB-BKIT-NKC-3PK-R
  • EAN : 0716894288928

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  • Valmistajan koodi : CM-PCAB-BKIT-NKC-3PK-R
  • EAN : 0716894288928
  • Tuotteen nimi : CableMod PRO ModMesh Cable Extension Kit - carbon

Get PRO results with the CableMod PRO ModMesh Extension Kit. These cable extensions work with your power supply’s existing cables, and are the easiest way to give your system that professionally sleeved look.

CableMod PRO Series Extension Cables utilize a new and improved thicker wire, reducing the gap between each individual wire for a fuller, more robust appearance. The color pattern has also been revamped by the community, and to tie the entire look together, each of the main cables also come with closed cable combs pre-installed. Better still, the 4+4 pin EPS cable also comes with our new Hybrid Cable Combs, allowing you to get a consistently clean aesthetic across every cable.

Each wire is individually wrapped in our famous ModMesh™ sleeving for vivid color and enhanced durability. Each cable is 100% heatshrink-free for the cleanest possible look, and precision molded connectors ensure a secure and proper fit.

Here’s what you get inside the package:

‧ 24-pin ATX – 3 closed combs
‧ 8-pin EPS – 2 closed combs
‧ 4+4 pin EPS – 2 x 8-pin / 2 x 4-pin hybrid combs
‧ 2 x 8-pin PCI-e — 3 closed combs
‧ 6-pin PCI-e – 3 closed combs

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