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DEMCiflex Round Dust Filter 80mm Black/White

Valmistajan koodi: ZUST-031
EAN: 6009801957258
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Tuotekoodi: 53813
Nimi: DEMCiflex Round Dust Filter 80mm Black/White

Valmistajan koodi: ZUST-031
EAN: 6009801957258

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The fans that computers use for cooling makes the computer case act like a vacuum cleaner. It draws air into the computer case to provide cooling and brings with it dust pollen hair lint and even small insects. This will settle and adhere to all surfaces inside the casing but the buildup will be concentrated near fans and heat sinks as more air are designed to flow over these parts to provide cooling. DEMCifilter was designed and tested to keep dust out of your computer in the first place. This is achieved through a high precision polyester mesh. The super fine medical grade mesh is the same as what hospitals use to keep dust out of operating theatres. The filament diameter of this mesh is smaller than the openings between them. This allows more air through the filter while still stopping the dust. DEMCifilter is the only computer dust filter that can guarantee to keep out specific sized and larger dust particles because of mesh openings being very accurate. If a specific sized dust needs to be kept out of your computers we will supply that filter with all specifications and requirements. Our standard filter is optimized for maximum air flow and dust collection. There is no elaborate grills in front of the air intake that impedes airflow. Because of its composition no foam or bag filter can do this. Because the mesh is white it is easy to see when the filter needs cleaning. After cleaning out the unit initially maintenance consists of taking the DEMCifilter off by hand dusting it off by hand or soft brush and replacing it over the air intake. That simple. No dismantling no tools no glue or screws needed. DEMCifilter has no moving parts and has a onepiece lightweight design. DEMCifilter is fitted over the fan intake or vent holes by way of magnetic strip built into the filter. Even if the case is nonmetallic a lightweight and flexible magnetic frame optional extra can be fitted to the case and DEMCifilter can be fitted onto it. This will extend the lifespan of the computer and lead to less downtime and an overall more enjoyable computer experience.

Demcifilter valmistaa tietokoneisiin ja muihin elektroniikka tuotteisiin pölysuodattimia.

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