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1515L 15IN ANALOG 400:1

Valmistajan koodi: E399324
EAN: 7411493056178
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Tuotekoodi: 75852
Nimi: 1515L 15IN ANALOG 400:1

Valmistajan koodi: E399324
EAN: 7411493056178

Tyyppi: Kosketusnäytöt

Diagonale: 38 cm/ 15 " Touchscreen LCD/ analog/ IntelliTouch/ Seriell, USB/ mehrfarbig/ 400 :1/ 230 cd/qm/ horiz.: 120 °/ vert.: 100 °/ 17 ms/ 4,8 kg netto/ VESA Bohrung: 75 x 75 mm/ 1.024 x 768/ D-Sub 15pol./ Bildschirm neigbar: ja/ Netzteil: intern

**touch monitor, 4:3, 38.1 cm (15´´), IntelliTouch, 1024x768 pixels, VESA mount, 14,2ms, brightness: 230cd, viewing angle: 140/115°(H/V), contrast: 450:1, VGA, touch interface: USB, RS232, power cable (EU), colour: dark grey

The Elo Touch Solutions family of entry-level touchmonitors consist of desktops in sizes from 30.5 cm (12´´) up to 48.3 cm (19´´). Elo touchmonitors provide high performance and reliability for long-term use – custom-tailored to satisfy all needs. All monitors are robust and are "designed for touch".

The high-quality displays come with resolutions from 800 x 600 to 1280 x 1024 pixels, depending on their size. Fast response times, contrast ratios up to 800:1 and a brightness of 300 cd/m² create a perfect picture for cash register systems in retail and hospitality. Their features include a touchscreen factory-sealed against dirt and spills and a stable monitor stand, which is equipped with a steel plate with mounting holes for desktop security. After removing the stand, a VESA mount further expands your options.

Profit from the choice of leading touch technologies: AccuTouch five-wire resistive, the most widely used technology for retail applications and proven to survive splashing liquids, food and grease; IntelliTouch pure glass surface wave, for perfect optical quality and the innovative Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR). The 1515L and 1715L additionally come with projected capacitive (PCAP) touch technology and provide a seamless, flat touchscreen that delivers a fast, sensitive dual-touch response.

The menu controls are located on the side of the monitor and can be blocked so users cannot access them. Consequently, abuse in publicly accessible areas is reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, all monitors are sealed against dust and liquids, which makes application and maintenance in unclean environments easier.

Tyco Electronicsin valmistavat ELO -kosketusnäytöt. Tyco Electronicsin tavoite on toimittaa laadukkaita tuotteita ja palveluja ajoissa. Laatu, jatkuvaan parantamiseen ja asiakastyytyväisyys ovat henkilökohtaista vastuuta jokaiselle Tyco Electronicsin työntekijälle.

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