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Streacom ZF240, 240W passiivinen ZeroFlex virtalähde


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  • Valmistajan koodi : ST-ZF240
  • EAN : 8718469090501
  • Tuotteen nimi : Streacom ZF240, 240W passiivinen ZeroFlex virtalähde

The Streacom ZeroFlex 240 has been designed to push the limits of compact and silent computing power.

Encased in an all aluminium enclosure which is based on the Flex form factor (81.5×41.5x150mm), the ZeroFlex can deliver 240W of combined power without the need for any active cooling. This has been achieved by the use of high quality components and innovative circuit design which achieves >93% efficiency levels. To put things in perspective, if the ZF240 was actively cooled, it would be rated as a 450W power supply.

The ZF240 is compatible with the FC5 Evo, FC9,FC10 and DB4 chassis, increasing the range of compatible components and removing the need the external AC adapter. The unique ‘L’ bracket mounts directly to the case heatsinks, allowing heat to be dissipated outside the case, and the flexible AC socket makes the mounting position adaptable, so its compatible with current and future Streacom cases.

Tuotteen tekniset tiedot

Power Output: 240W Combined, 3.3V @ 10A, 5V @ 10A, 5VSB @ 2A, 12V @14A, -12V @ 0.3A
Input Power: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Output Connectors: 1 x 20+4 ATX, 1 x 4PIN CPU, 2 x SATA, 2 x MOLEX, 1 x FDD
Input Connector: IEC C14 Socket
Internal Input Cable Length: 150mm
Output Cable Length: 400mm
Dimensions: 139 x 86 x 47(LxWxH)
Compatible Cases: FC5 Evo/Alpha*, FC9/FC9 Alpha**, FC10/FC10 Alpha***, DB4
Weight: 848g NET

* Limited to Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX Motherboard & Half Height Expansion Cards,
   An elbow (90 Degree) SATA connector is required for Optical Drive Version

** Limited to Mini-ITX Motherboards

*** Limited to Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX Motherboard

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